Whether it is long or short, before you head on your journey at sea, you need to make sure both your mind and body are ready for the journey. As the experienced captain surely knows, but the beginner needs to acknowledge as well: if you don’t respect the sea, you will encounter trouble sooner or later!

Yoga at sea

You do not need much to practise yoga hence why it is an ideal activity for when you are out at sea! Something that you would need though is some guidance on how to do the poses. Therefore, a great way to inspire others, would be to create an App, you can use Aquro: http://www.aquro.com/ for that, that guides others as a “yoga instructor at sea”.

A few poses that would work well for any captain, especially in the morning, are:

  • mountain pose
  • downward dog
  • warrior
  • bridge pose
  • cobra
  • child’s pose

A relaxed mind within a relaxed body

Many who have yet to experience it may not realize this, but when your mind is at ease, your body will be relaxed as well. When you are navigating at sea, you will need every muscle in your body. And when you are suffering from a soar neck, back pain or other, you will not be able to enjoy your time as you should be.

Modern society demands many hours of work from us and although we are willing to put in that effort, subconsciously, the stress of it all will build up in our body. Many people working a desk job these days suffer from neck or shoulder pain, which is probably mostly caused by sitting incorrectly all-day long. Visit a chiropractor and he will loosen up what the muscles tied down, but he can only do that much. The rest is basically up to yourself. Yoga is therefor a great exercise to actively work with your thoughts, acknowledge the stress they are causing and lastly releasing that tension. Once you master this, your body will catch up with your mind.

Happy cruising!